Recipes: Three in one night

For whatever reason, I felt the need to just cook up a storm last night.  Today, I’m looking at the piles of dishes I need to do, but last night, I was well fed.

Recipe One: Farro Salad with Fava Beans (Kind of) – Vegetable Goal

20150606_184326I say kind of because I didn’t follow the recipe exactly.  First off, I used spinach instead of Kale, because I was buying spinach for another recipe.  Second, I completely forgot to get Farro.  Third, my garlic was bad, so I substituted garlic salt, which was my best choice under the circumstances.

The result was pretty salty, but not bad.  I’m going to buy some more spinach and mix it in to try and dilute the saltiness.  And, later one, buy the actual ingredients I need to be able to make it right and proper.


Recipe Two: Bacon Spinach Feta Muffin Loaf – Bread Goal

20150606_183352 I debated making this as either 12 muffins or one loaf, but went with the loaf because reasons.

In truth, I forgot the onion for this recipe (I needed two, I bought one, and used it for the third recipe).  I’m also not sure I baked this one all the way.  True, the knife went in and came out clean, but the dough was just not 100% firm.  Solid, but spongy.  20150606_193120

Still the result is incredible, and I’m glad I pitched in a few extra bucks for the thick, black peppercorn bacon.  I’d make an effort to cut the spinach into smaller batches, or even use less spinach.

Definitely a recipe to make again…when bacon is on sale.

Recipe Three: Slow Cooker Red Thai Chicken Curry – Sauce Goal

This one started first and finished last (‘Slow Cooking Takes Time’ – Captain Obvious).

20150606_221519A friend of mine has made this several times and sent me the recipe.  She still makes it better.  I actually followed this recipe all the way, so at this point it’s just practice.  Luckily, the almost intimidating mass of ingredients are largely things that’ll last for a number of batches, so all I need are the veggies, meat and coconut milk and I can try again.

Maybe on a stove-stop, next time.