12 Challenges in 2018

I put off my first 2018 post in this blog until I had some time to get into the year, and work out how I wanted to do the challenges.

I still like the idea, but I’m making it less about ‘do this much of this’ and more about just doing things.

I also found a website called Habitica, which turns my goals into a game. My avatar gains experience for completing things and takes damage for not. I wanted to make sure it worked as I needed it to before I officially made it my app for 2018.

In addition, I’m doing a six-week challenge with some friends, some of which overlaps with my 12 Challenges.

The goals are similar, but I’m being less strict about how to get them done. Particularly with the limitation of Habitica.

  • Daily Tracking: Goals I try to get done every day
    • Homemade Meal (per meal)
    • Cleaning (per 1/2 hour or chore done)
    • Writing (per 500 words recorded into yWriter)
  • Weekly: Try to get done twice per week
    • Guitar Practice
    • Drawing or Blender
    • Exercise
  • Over the Course of the Year
    • Got to 12 Events / Host 12 Times
    • Read 20 new Books
    • Try 30 new Recipes

Then there are three free goals each month, which will change as I need them to. Some of them will look familiar.

  • January
    • 10 No TV Days in January
    • Finish the Blender course on Udemy
    • Finish the last two Best Picture Winners

The goal, as I have been reminding myself lately, is not to mark off boxes on a sheet, but to improve myself. These are things I want to improve on, things I want to do. Some I find easier than others, sure, but that’ll always be the case. And maybe turning it all into a game will help.

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