Labor Day Weekend

August turned out like all the others: some successes, some failures, some begun and unfinished.

The big success from August was the challenge to not watch any old TV. Though I did use all five of my cheat days, not being able to just turn on Star Trek and have it on in the background as a distraction made a huge difference in the month. I cleared six seasons off my to watch list. Several days I didn’t turn it on, instead opting for computer work or apartment cleaning. And on the cheat days, I had to consider carefully what I was going to cheat with.

Anyway, with a long holiday weekend coming at the start of the month, I’m going to spend some time assembling some lists. I’m aiming to get ten recipes collected, so when I say two new recipes a month, I have them readily available. The spreadsheets have been working great, and I want to keep those up as well.

I’m repeating the same challenges for September, if only to teach myself how to stay on target. After all, these are things that I want to accomplish. Even if it takes me some time to get around to them.

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