February ’18

I spent some time pondering how to do this correctly, emphasizing what I’m going to be working on so the challenges work together with synergy. I know I’m going to have to clean up some to get the proper space for things like exercise and drawing, so that’s a free goal. And I’ve noticed my productivity plummets when I turn the TV on, so that’s another. By the end of the day I’m going to have recipes for the two kitchen goals ready. Then just keep at it every day.

  •  Daily
    • Write (10,000 words a month saved to file)
    • Read (finish two books)
    • Draw (finish a drawing of Corwin)
    • Spend 30 minute cleaning my apartment every day
  • Weekly
    • Exercise (twice a week)
    • Movies (once a week) – Finish Best Picture Winners
    • Music Practice (thrice a week)
    • Go 14 days in February without turning on the TV
  • Monthly
    • Make something with Tofu
    • Make Pecan Rolls
    • Have someone over, in some capacity
    • Event: Have several options
      • Roller Girls
      • Science Museum
      • Intro Parkour
      • Wine Tasting

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