January 2017 Report

As I pretty much expected, January was still focused on getting the book published and trying to get the apartment in order. Neither project is finished, so February looks like it’ll be hampered as well.

The results of January are as follows:

  • Failed
    • Writing: Some writing done, but none saved to file.
    • Music: Didn’t touch the instruments at all this month
    • Tofu: Not attempted
    • Pecan Rolls: Not attempted
    • Hosted: Not attempted
  • Started:
    • Best Picture Winners: Watched Argo.
  • Partially Completed:
    • Reading: Finished one book (The Dictator’s Handbook by Bruce Bueno De Mesquita, et al)
    • Drawing: Did some minor sketches on scratch paper, did not do a complete character drawing
    • Exercises: Did five of a hopeful eight exercises.
    • Salads: 13 of 20.
  • Completed:
    • No Soda or Alcohol for a whole month
  • Surpassed:
    • Event: Did two, but neither were the Roller Girls.
      • Marched in the St. Paul Women’s March
      • Volunteered to pack aid boxes for starving children.

I will get February’s up tomorrow.

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