The October 12

The October 12 are meant to be easy; I’ll be running a crowdfunding campaign, and that will require a significant amount of attention and effort.  So, only one Daily, six Multiple, and five Once.

  • Daily
    • Continue reading Asimov

It’s the only Daily this month, but it’s one I should be able to continue with.

  • Multiple
    • Finish off the Best Picture Winners (4 movies)
    • Guitar Practice (Once every three days)
    • Assassin’s Creed Cronicles: China
    • 1 Chapter / Blog post a week
    • Clear up my Cloud Drives
    • Drawing: Self Portrait

Movies, guitar, and posts are familiar.  FF Type-0 I haven’t been able to get into, so I want to give it a good try this month.  My cloud drives are too disorganized, so I want to work on that.  And I do want to do another drawing, this time of (###).

  • Once
    • Event – CSI: Fort Snelling
    • Jumbulaya
    • Swiss Cake
    • Cook with Tofu
    • Begin a holiday cider / beer

I’ll need to find an event, and get a cider or beer batch going for Christmas.  And I will have recipes for Jumbulaya, Swiss Cake and Tofu ready.

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