Brother Grimm

brother-grimmBrother Grimm, Priest of Saint Cuthbert and Knight of the Raven.  A half-orc who wielded a giant hammer in battle, and divine healing magic after victory.  He was once swallowed whole by an undead wyrm and cast devastating magics from inside to kill it.  He wore a chain adorned with the skulls of several important enemies he or his companion had killed.

Brother Grimm was a character I played in a D&D 3.5 Campaign several years ago.  He managed to fulfill both the Tank and the Healer roles pretty well.  Starting off as a Cleric of Saint Cuthbert, he added several levels of Knight of the Raven (from the Ravenloft campaign book) as a prestige class.  He was a master healer, using the plethora of 3.5 feats available just before Pathfinder and 4th Edition changed the game.

He had a lot to live up to. In high school, our party had a cleric, Brother William, who was also of Saint Cuthbert.  He would smite his enemies while shouting ‘Saint Cuthbert hates you!’ Brother Grimm’s campaign took place in the same world, but several years later, meaning Brother William was now an Archbishop.  So Grimm was both a spiritual successor inside and outside of the game (although I never did come up with a satisfactory war cry that equaled ‘Saint Cuthbert hates you!’).

As for the drawing: I spent a lot of time drawing in layers.  First the framework, then the body, then the underclothes, armor, and accessories.  The horizontal lines are each one head high (they look a bit odd because of the angle of the picture).  Drawing was done in pencil, then inked in with a marker and colored (a combination of permanent marker and colored pencil).  I mean to do each lay in its own page, but I kind of got away from that.  The paper was thicker than I expected.

Other than just general ‘improve your technique,’ what specifically I want to focus on from this picture are the right arm (the one holding the hammer) and the shoulders.  He looked almost comically wide at the shoulders, and the arm just looks odd.  Like he doesn’t know how to hold the favored weapon of his deity.  And what sort of priest would that?

Anyway, knocked this one out early.  I’ve got some ideas for an October drawing and two weeks to decide.  If you have any suggestions, let me know.  Later!

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