September 12

So, while I’m still going to think about my goals in their normal four categories (Kitchen, Culture, Creativity and Free), I’m also going to pay attention to the frequency.

  • Once: A challenge I only need to do once to complete.
    • For example: Bake a loaf of bread
  • Multiple: A challenge that requires several activities to complete:
    • For example: Watch three Best Picture Winners
  • Daily: A challenge that requires daily or almost daily effort to complete.
    • For example: Read through the Asimov books.

Last month, the number of Daily challenges was 7, with only two Once.  That’s too much.  I’m aiming now for 3-4-5 or 4-4-4 ratios between the three categories.

This month it is 4 Once, 5 Multiple, and 3 Daily challenges.

  • Once Challenges:
    • Go to an event/location in the Twin Cities
    • Bake a loaf of Bread
    • Host a Game Night at my Apartment
    • Make Jumbalaya
  • Multiple Challenges
    • Practice instruments once every three days (10 total)
    • Play through Bioshock 2 (7 Chapters)
    • One Chapter or Blogpost a week (4 total)
    • Watch three Best Picture Winners
      • Slumdog Millionaire
      • The Artist
      • Argo
    • Bike, Swim or Run twice a week (8 total)
  • Daily Challenges
    • Drink 8 cups of water 20 days of the month
    • Keep reading Asimov books
    • By the end of the month, draw a picture of Brother Grimm (a character I had in a RPG).

So, let’s see if I can do better when the daily pressure is off.  Maybe I can catch that elusive 12 Completed Month.

Find out in 30 days!

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