August Review

Twelve challenges for August, and how did I do?

Three Completed:CavesOfSteelNakedSun

  • Read two Asimov books (Caves of Steel and Naked Sun).  I really enjoy Asimov’s writing. Not only is his style easy and enjoyable, but the way he writes and describes things, the way his societies feel so different from ours yet close enough we can relate, it’s just a joy to read.
  • Mini-cheesecakes: I’m glad I finally got to try making these.  The thought of small batches of experimental cheesecakes is kind of exciting.  Coffee hazelnut here I come!
  • Event: Open house at the new US Bank Stadium.  Got to tour the new Vikings football stadium.  It is a nice place, much bigger than I thought it would be.  And being season ticket holders, we got to go on a proper open house visit.  Saw the locker rooms, views from up high and down low, and sampled some of their new (and of course ridiculously overpriced) food.

Three Almost Completed:

  • Thirty rounds of Admiral’s Edition: I got about twenty in.  It’s a very time consuming game, and a lot to keep track of.
  • Drawing practices: I got a lot of small practices in, but I didn’t get one finished to the point of completion.
  • Apartment cleaning: Got a huge chunk done, to the point of having guests over for dinner.  But I didn’t get to the thorough part.

Six Started

  • Musical Practices: Always start the month strong, get knocked out by second week.
  • 3 Chapters written: I wrote one, but a lot of work is being done on publishing the first book, so I haven’t had time to write more.  Must remedy that.
  • 4 Best Picture Winners: Yeah, I still have a hard time sitting down and watching a movie while able to give it my full attention.  I really didn’t think these ones would be so hard.  Watched one: the Departed.
  • 20 Vegetarian meals: I ate six or seven, more if you count breakfasts of only muffins or donuts.  I even tried making a cucumber lasagne (using cucumber instead of noodles).  It was okay, but odd.
  • 5-7 days homemade meals: I was able to go a few days, but would run into ‘I forgot to bring my lunch’ or ‘I don’t have time’.  I always have started distinguishing between homemade, store bought (like soup), and restaurant prepared meals.
  • Biking 60 miles: I got 24 in.  But a broken spoke on bike one, and getting used to bike two, kept me from getting more.

3 Completed, 3 Almost Completed, 6 Started.

Not bad, but as I’m looking at the list and considering what I put down, I realized I’ve been doing something wrong.  The challenges are meant to be challenges, something attainable, but not something that takes up my whole months.  Seven of these challenges require almost daily efforts.  Three required multiple ‘sittings’ to complete, and only two (the event and the cheesecakes) were one time successes.  This makes completing challenges very difficult (and puts most of the blog posts towards the end of the month)

I’m still working on the September challenges, but they’re going to be more of the one-time successes and less daily effort.

And if anyone has any thoughts on how to form new habits, let me know.



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