I’ve been meaning to try out my mini-cheesecake pans for a while.  It wasn’t until this weekend I took my chance.

I offered to make a cheesecake for an gathering at a friend’s house.  Since most of the ingredients come in enough quantities that I don’t use all of them for a single cheesecake, I only needed to get one extra brick of cream cheese to do this.

four pans

Given the size differences between the large and small pans, I estimated I would only need 1/3 of the ingredients for all three mini-cheesecake pans.  Or two, if I wanted a thick cake.  I went for three.

I made both the big and small sets side by side.  Except for running out of vanilla, I didn’t run into any issues.

Baking was where I was most worried.  I was pretty sure if I tossed everything in for the 50 minutes the big cake needs, the small ones would be crispy.  So I checked on them at 15 or 10 minutes intervals.  One of the small ones came out at thirty minutes, the other two at forty.  I stuck them in the fridge immediately.

The topping was blueberry, which I made the next night.  I had more than enough for all four cakes.

mini cheesecake

So how did it turn out?  I don’t want to say great, but it turned out.  Comparable to the big cheesecake.

This opens up a lot of options for me.  Since most of the ingredients are things I usually have around my kitchen, I can make three small cheesecakes for the cost of the cream cheese and any flavoring or toppings I might want.

Secondly, I can make the cheesecakes as a dessert option without the risk of throwing away a bunch of left overs.  I’ve discovered that I start to get bored with a meal after three or four meals in a row (not just dessert, any meal), and this opens up some options for late afternoon snacks.

Third, I can experiment with new cheesecake recipes without the risk of a whole cake being ruined.

Glad I finally got around to this one.  Lots of new possibilities to consider.

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