The August 12

I spent some time looking at the failed and tried to figure out why I have such hard times with some of them.  And a lot of it, I think, has to do with two things.

1 – My apartment.  I need to keep it in order, so that I can sit down and draw or practice or write, and not feel surrounded by clutter.

2 – My TV.  When it’s on, it’s a distraction, and doubly annoying, I’m usually re-watching something.  Nothing new.

Something to work on.

Anyway, the August 12:

  1. Book: I’m going to start into the Asimov collection this month.  Aim to read at least two of them.
  2. Practices: 10 Practices.  Just one every three days.
  3.  Video Game: War in the Pacific: Admiral’s Edition.  Thirty turns, at least.
  4. Write Three Chapters
  5. Watch 4 Best Picture Winners: Just one a week
  6. Event: I’ve got some ideas, some things I’ve wanted to do.  I’ll hit one of them soon.
  7. 20 Vegetarian meals.
  8. Mini Cheesecakes
  9. Go 5 to 7 days eating only homemade food.
  10. Bike at least sixty miles.
  11. Complete the thorough cleaning
  12. Continue drawing practices.

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