July summation

So, how did I do in July, what with my vacation and whatnot?

  1. Best Picture Winners: Didn’t see one.  Just didn’t get around to sitting down for several hour movies.  I realized, though, that I spend too much time re-watching old things instead of new things.  I’m going to have to work on that.
  2. Book: All three Hunger Games books.  Read all three of them.  Easy to read, and enjoyable.
  3. Event – Enjoy my vacation: I did. A week in a cabin, with few distractions.  Very enjoyable.IMG_0009
  4. Baking Bread: Did not get to this.
  5. Grilling: Did a lot of grilling at the cabin.  Meats and veggies.
  6. Spices: Didn’t get around to working on this.
  7. 10 Practices: I got one in…I really don’t know why this one is so hard to work on.
  8. World of Warships: I got this one, winning myself a beautiful Mikasa pre-dreadnought.  Brought back memories of visiting it in Yokohama.304Mikasa
  9. Write 3 chapters: I wrote my second book, so technically I wrote 16 chapters.  And maybe a few extras.
  10. Bike 60 miles: I got up to 36.  I am not biking well this summer.
  11. Clean apartment thoroughly: got this started, especially after I got back from the cabin and realized how toxic my home atmosphere is.
  12. Drawing: Yep, got some drawings done.20160718_135613

So it comes out to six completed, a almost completed, two started, and three non-starts.

Come on, Michael.  You can do better than this.

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