June was fine and dandy, got some nice victories in, but I’m already into July. So I’m posting the next twelve.  This list is impacted by the fact that I have an actual vacation, spending a week at a cabin in Wisconsin.  I’m looking forward to having a ‘reset’, and maybe getting some of these knocked out while I’m there.


1 – Best Picture Winners: So close to being done. Try to watch three.
2 – Book: The Hunger Games (three books)
3 – Events: Enjoy my vacation
4 – Kitchen Baking: Bread (ding, try again!)
5 – Kitchen Cooking: Try grilling, see how it goes.
6 – Kitchen Extra: Experiment with spices more
7 – 10 practices
8 – Video Game: World of Warships (there’s a monthly challenge to win a historical battleship that I’ve actually visited, and I want it).
9 – 3 Chapters 
10 – 60 miles biked
11 – Clean Apartment Thoroughly: Not just ‘enough for visitors’, but CLEAN
12 – Drawing practices: try to have something to show by the end of the month
Now if I can just survive until Wisconsin.

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