May into June


The May challenges got rough when I got sick and knocked me off my routine for a week, but I still managed to make an nice showing for the month.

  • Success
    • Anabasis and Unbroken – Unbroken is a very good book.
    • Lacuna Coil concert
    • Spending Tracker – learned a lot about how I spend money, especially on soda and sweets. And it is a lot.
    • Publishing Plan
  • Partial Success
    • Salads (13 of 20)
    • Cookies (2 of 3)
    • Running / biking
  • Started
    • Popcorn (1 of 3)
    • 2000 Best Picture Winners (2 of 5)
    • BFG Armada
    • 3 Chapters
    • Musical practices

Heading into June, I’m feeling pretty confident about having a good month.

  • 2000 Best Picture Winners – Three left
  • Books: Asimov
  • Event: I’ve got a number planned this month so it’s pretty much a given.
  • Bake: Bread – prove I can make it before I get to the complicated stuff
  • Cook: Chicken – different seasonings, sauces, etc.
  • Misc Kitchen: Salsa
  • Practices: one every three days.
  • 3 Chapters Writing
  • VG: BFG Armada, 10 missions
  • Weight Routine
  • Drawing Practice (2  / week)
  • Go 10 days this month without TV on

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