May 12

April was an off month for challenges and blogging about it.  So I take a moment to reflect and move on.

The May 12:

  • Salads: Ideally I’d have a salad for one meal every day, but I’ll settle for 20 of 30 days.
  • Popcorn snacks: something other than butter and salt. 3 recipes
  • Cookies: Make my own desserts, 3 recipes minimum
  • Books: Finish Anabasis, read Unbroken
  • Movies: 2000 Best Picture Winners (again…)
  • Event: I’ve got some options, do one.
  • Video Game: Battle Fleet Gothic: Armada
  • Write 3 Chapters
  • Musical practices
  • Keep detailed track of spending on food and whatnot.
  • Keep on the Couch to 5K track and/or bike
  • Finish a publishing plan

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