Recipe: TARTS!

Lemon A tart is, according to some definitions I found on the internet, basically a pie without a pastry cover.  It does not have to have a tart taste.

I started with a pretty simple recipe.  I made a few of these, then switched up the fruits and sugars.  By the end I had tried:

-Apple: switching brown sugar for regular sugar and adding slices of apple.  For a few pieces I added walnuts.

-Raspberry: heating the raspberry with corn starch to make a dessert topping, before mixing that with 20160327_103019the filling.

-Cherry: same as the raspberry.

The tarts taste pretty good, though the cherry ones went sour quickly enough, and the apple slices sometimes come out in one bit and take most of the filling with them.  What I most like about these recipes are how easy and cheap they are to make a decent amount of food.

I can even use my broader pans instead of my tart tin, but I have to increase the recipe (x1.5 for the smaller, x2 for the larger) to get a decent consistency.  My usual test group of friends and co-workers all enjoyed them.

Got to remember these ones.

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