Danish Braids

First post this month?  Man, time flies when you’re baking danishes.

I found this two part recipe for a danish braid, one for the dough and one for the filling and topping.   It seemed the best of the recipes I found.  I was a little worried about working with yeast, it’s not something that works out for me all the time.

I managed three attempts at this recipe combo, changing the fruit filling.

20160208_194835 Attempt One: Black Cherry

I made a number of mistakes with this one, but luckily none of them made the resulting braid inedible.

For starters, I mixed up the butter in the blender, adding all the ingredients at once.  This was a mistake, as the butter all stayed at the bottom and didn’t let the flower mix in at all.  I had to spoon it out a little bit at a time into my smaller food processor and work it in batches.

The second mistake was adding the frosting before the braid had cooled down enough.  The frosting melted and flowed right off the braid.

What was left was ugly and tasted pretty good, but I felt I could do better.

20160214_141847Attempt Two: Apple

I made a point of clearing off the biggest part of my small kitchen counter space so I could work the dough properly.  I mixed the butter and flour in batches.  I still couldn’t get the braid exactly like the pictures, so instead of two medium sized braids I got two small braids and five miscellaneous shapes (circles, triangles, squares).  I also cooled it in the fridge before adding the frosting; it stayed on much better.

If there was an error with this one, it was the filling.  The apple did not turn out well.  Next time I’ll use an apple pie filling recipe.

Attempt Three: Raspberry

Raspberry is normally a very strong flavor, so I was worried about it overpowering the braid’s natural flavor.  Much like the Apple, I ended up with smaller braids and a bunch of odds and ends.  The raspberry turned out well, not as strong as I worried.  Lots of friends got to enjoy it.

(and some how, I didn’t get a picture of it).


The dough is surprisingly good and buttery.  I need to work on how I handle it more, but that may be my inexperience with dough in general.

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