Cinnamon Rolls



I gave this recipe two attempts this month, both because the ingredients were pretty simple, and because my first attempt looked less like rolls than taquitos.

I used this recipe here, without the vegan constraints.  For the first batch I added the cream cheese / confectioner sugar frosting I learned to make from the Cinnebon  cheesecake, but I decided to skip it on the second.

I had some issues with the dough, again that my apartment is not warm enough for yeast to rise unaided.  I kept this in my oven on the lowest warmth, but I don’t think it rose as well as it should have.  I’ll need to find some solution to that particular problem.

Rising problems aside, the rolls at least taste good, with or without frosting.  Yes, one looks a bit odd (the tower one was an end piece), but they are of decent size and one makes a good breakfast.

For future attempts, I might try this but using honey instead of butter and cinnamon sugar.  Or jam?  Something else sweet.  I also want to try and solve my rising problem.  But a batch of these should be me through a week’s worth of breakfasts.  And simple enough

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