Snow Crash

imagesSnow Crash by Neal Stephenson was recommended to me by a number of people, one of whom lent me his copy.  So, to start off the 2016 book challenge, I went with it.

Set in a anarcho-capitalistic future, two characters become involved in a fight against a conspiracy.  Hiro Protagonist, a sword-fighting computer hacker, spends his time between the real world and the Metaverse, a 3D internet, researching and following leads from above.  His partner, Y.T. (Yours Truly), a skate boarding Kourier, gets involved on the ground.

There are three things about this book I find fascinating.

First of all, the interpretation of the future.  The rise of sovereign corporations and sovereign suburbs creates a world where everything is comically bureaucratic.  As an example, a pizza delivery box includes an LED timer that counts to thirty minutes.  When there is a chance the pizza will be late, it is an event of such magnitude that several helicopters circle the delivery address.  Police and even military units are private corporations, the Mafia is a government in and of itself.  The government only matters in some areas.  Yet everyone just accepts the world and its ridiculousness, and managed to make their way in it.

Second, I’m interested in the way to story unfolds.  The main characters come into the conspiracy slowly.  Subtle enough I had to reread the first few chapters to find the introduction of the conspiracy.  This is something I’ve learned I really like in stories, when uncovering everything is like an onion, working through things one at a time.

Third, the conspiracy was thoroughly thought out.  I’m not an expert in the subject matter, but it didn’t matter.  The story explained it enough to make sense.  The amount of research needed to do that must have been intense.  I’d love to be able to write something like that.

Definitely worth the read.  Maybe even a second one

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