Making Sushi

A number of friends are doing their own challenges this year, and one asked me if it was allowed to change out challenges when you know you can’t get to them.  Since I had one I knew I was going to have to push back to February, I said sure.

20160115_200237For my challenges, I pushed ‘Start a batch of Port’ to February and replaced it with ‘Home Made Sushi’, which some friends had as dinner during a game night.

The process itself is pretty simple: take a wrap, layer with wet rice, arrange fillings (crab, shrimp, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber), roll, cut into smaller rolls, dip in soy sauce and enjoy.

This was obviously my first attempt at sushi. My rice was too thick.  The first roll didn’t keep its shape, becoming more of a sushi salad.  The second one ripped on the back.  I manage to keep it still in a roll shape, but next time I need to work on my rice.20160115_200611

If I do this again at home, I’m going to mix up the meats and veggies.  See if there are any awesome combinations out there I could try.

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