Red Velvet Cheesecake

20160105_202659True, this was a December goal, but I had all the ingredients, and who doesn’t like cheesecake regardless of month.

I chose a Red Velvet cheesecake after a coworker (who gets to enjoy all my experiments) asked me to make one.  She loves Red Velvet, so I agreed.  I did not, at the time, really know what Red Velvet was.  Some research indicated it was a light chocolate flavor with red food coloring.

The chocolate was easy enough, with two tablespoons of baking chocolate mixed into the batter.  I added in the red food coloring in an attempt to make it a rich red color: but as I have little experience with coloring food, it turned out looking like a multi-berry smoothie.

Taste?  Well, I like it, but I don’t find it to be distinct from other cheesecake.  I would add more baking chocolate next time, try to bring out that flavor.  That being said, the coworker who requested it did love it, so I’ll chock that one up as a win.

This was the last of the 2015 Cheesecake challenges.  I’ll do more cheesecakes in 2016, but expect more experimentation with other types of food.  For example, I got a tart pan for my birthday.  At some point, there will be tart.


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