A year of 12 challenges

12 Challenges for 12 Months.  A lot of books read, movies watched, goals achieved or attempted.  I’ve been to museums I might never have gone to, tried vegetables I’ve walked by a thousand times, and experimented with baking. True, I haven’t completed all of my goals, but I do not regret this challenge one bit.

Heading into the new year, I’m focusing on what I learned about myself.

I’ve learned that it’s easier for me to complete one time challenges (such as an event) than a challenge that required several repetitions (practicing instruments).

I’ve learned that if I don’t blog about a challenge right away, I probably won’t blog at all.

I’ve learned people respond to posts about food more than other posts.

I’ve learned that I like having the challenges.

I am going to continue the Challenges in 2016, though I am going to mix up the categories.  Maybe in 2016 I’ll finally get that coveted 12 Goals Completed trophy.

If anyone else wants to do a similar challenge, I’d love to hear your own ideas.

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