Recipes: Three Cakes in Three Days

It was a busy weekend, with lots of dishes and oven time, enough for three cakes: two new ones and one second attempt.

Salted Caramel Cheesecake (2nd Attempt)

The first attempt was not bad.  In fact, it was good enough that a co-worker bought the ingredients for me to make the cake again.  My only problem with the first attempt was that the caramel covering flowed freely, draining off the top of the cake to make a very messy looking lake on the plate (not to mention re-distributing the salt).

This second attempt, I used the cream cheese frosting from the Cinnabon cheesecake and mixed it with the caramel.  It took a bit of experimentation to get it right (caramel melts differently than chocolate), but the result was a must more solid caramel covering that did not drain off the cake.

At least not that I noticed.  I brought it in to work and it was gone by the end of lunch.

I’m going to remember this cream cheese frosting.  Very useful.



Apple Coffee Cake

Using the Betty Crocker binder, I decided to try the Apple Coffee cake variation; remove the brown sugar and Cinnamon streusel and add apples sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.  I made a double batch, as shown.

It…doesn’t suck.  The apples turned out well enough, but without the sterusel the rest of the cake doesn’t benefit from much, and tastes just ‘okay.’  If it didn’t crumble so much I’d probably use jam on it.

Next time, I’ll add some flavoring.  Make it taste like something.

20151028_205001Candy Corn Cheesecake

This one wasn’t supposed to taste like candy corn because candy corn doesn’t actually taste like anything.  This was supposed to look like candy corn.  It really was just a chocolate cheesecake base with white chocolate and food coloring, and the chocolate shell replaced with the cream cheese frosting.

The yellow Oreo crust browned when baking, turning it into a rather ugly looking brown.  And the orange wasn’t quite as bright as I hoped.  But it tasted fine, went over well at a Halloween party, and now my coworkers at getting their second slice of cheesecake in a week.

Now if I can get to those sweet potatoes I’ve had on my counter for a week, I’d be able to knock that goal off my list.

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