September review

The September Review, also known as ‘Maybe I should rename by blog ‘How to Procrastinate like a Professional’ month’

Four completed goals: Cheesecake, Pizza Crust, Mill City Museum and Being Creative.

Four Partially Completed: Eggplant, Book, Movies (four of eight watched), and Organizing my apartment

Four Started: Acoustic, Bass, Blog and Bikings

Again, I start off strong, but as soon as I get off my schedule, I start missing things, getting behind, and not catching up.  The single event challenges are still easier than the daily or weekly ones.

It’s not all bad, though.  The free goal of ‘being creative’ was one of the reasons I got behind on everything else.  I got a HUGE amount of work done on a number of creative projects.  And I had fun doing it.  So, yay!

October goals will come out soon.

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