Recipe: Cinnabon Cheese Cake

20150906_124735This could actually be a breakfast cheesecake.

That was what I was going for with this goal.  Not that I’m a huge fan of Cinnebon, but I did want to do some kind of breakfast roll type cheesecake.  Someone had recommended it as an possibility some time ago, and it stuck with me.

Again, I tried to meld lessons and ideas from a recipe I found online and the cheese cakes I’m used to making.  I used cinnamon graham crackers, the cinnamon swirl and the cream cheese/powdered sugar frosting.

The crust was easy enough.  I did luck out and make the cinnamon/brown sugar mix (without the butter) before I made the cake, because I discovered I was out of straight cinnamon and had to use my cinnamon-sugar mixture.  As such I reduced the amount of sugar in the rest of the cake to try and balance out.  That swirled in pretty well, though not as uniform as I might like.

The frosting turned out very well.  I will have to remember it for future endeavors. I may even give my Cadbury egg cheese cake another go using this for the yellow frosting.

The cake turned out delicious.  Seriously.  I’m not a huge Cinnebon fan, but this was a very enjoyable cheese cake.   I could see myself eating it for breakfast and for dessert, which is why I’m trying to get as many people as I can to enjoy it as well.

Will definitely make this one again.

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