August in Review

  • Book: Completed
  • Writing: 7897 words / 20,000 word goal
  • Biking: 40 miles bikes / 160 mile goal
  • Organization: About halfway done
  • Movies: 1 of 8
  • Acoustic: No
  • Bass: No
  • Pizza Crust: no
  • Eggplant: No
  • Cinnabon Cheesecake: no
  • Blog Article: no
  • Mill City Museum: no

I wrote that I wanted August to be my first 12 goal sweep; instead if went the other direction.

Part of it had to do with my disruption by my grandfather’s death and the travel to New Mexico to say goodbye.  Some of it had to do with my increased efforts to stay on budget during a month of short paychecks.  And some of it just had to do with me procrastinating myself into inaction.

Maybe I needed to bottom out to really hit a month hard and get that 12 goal sweep.  I know I’m going to be recycling a number of these goals.  Here’s hoping I get my act together for September.

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