Recipe: Salted Caramel Cheesecake

Salted Caramel CheesecakeAfter two months of puzzling out how to do a Goat cheese cheesecake, this recipe was almost ridiculously easy to pull off.  I used my New York Vanilla recipe and replaced the sour cream topping with melted caramel candies (which you can buy specifically for melting) with some sea salt shaken over the top.

If making it was easy, storing it was not.  The caramel did not harden the way chocolate did, so by the time I got to the party where I was to share the cheesecake, the caramel had shifted all over to one side.  Now, adjusting the caramel was not difficult, but the salt did end up unevenly distributed on the cake.  Once pieces were cut, the remaining caramel would flow, leaving the pan with a small lake of salty deliciousness.  As I’ve been cutting bits for other people, I’ve added several spoonfuls from the lake.

I’ve been enjoying the cheesecake challenges so far this year (and so have my friends), but I am going to step up my game for the last months.  The goat cheese one was the only real challenging cake; the rest were simply changing the toppings and/or adding a new ingredient.  Maybe I’ll try a cinnamon swirl, or layers?  I’ll have to look up cheesecake challenges.  Who knows what

If you have an idea or recommendation for a challenging cheesecake, please let me know.  I’d love to know what other people might enjoy.

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