June Wrap Up

June was the first month I’ve gotten at least a partial success on all my goals (yay for me!).  True, I haven’t finished the blog article but I’m only a short amount of work away, so I’m counting it.  Expect that sometime this weekend.

  • Completed Goals
    • Goat Cheese Cheesecake (article coming)
    • Feta Bacon Bread
    • Northern Spark
    • Books (Finished Sun Also Rises and Fahrenheit 451)
    • Host a Game
    • Try Three Different Sauces (Thai Curry, Mushroom, Hollandaise)
  • Partially Completed
    • Broad Bean Vegetables (One recipe tried)
    • Acoustic Practice (6 times)
    • Bass Practice (6 times)
    • Blog Article (to be finished this week)
    • Biking (over 100 miles biked)
    • Best Picture Movies (watched 6 of 8: All the King’s Men, All about Eve, An American in Paris, The Greatest Show on Earth, From Here to Eternity, on the Waterfront.  Missed Marty and Around the World in 80 days).

Getting the July goals prepared.  I started June off strong with a calendar, and I’m aiming to start July off the same.

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