Best Picture: All About Eve

AllAboutEve‘You don’t understand them all, you don’t like them all, why should you?  The Theater’s for everybody – you included, but not exclusively – so don’t approve or disapprove.  It may not be your theater, but it’s Theater of somebody, somewhere’ – Bill Sampson

My post-viewing research of this movie indicates that it is generally well received, often making lists of best movies of all times, being the only other movie to receive 14 Academy Award Nominations (tied with Titanic), greatest number of female acting nominations in a single movie, etc.  This is, by all accounts, a great movie.

I have to agree.

This drama takes place in the New York Theater scene, around a group of friends (actor, writer, director, and friend) who take in a young woman named Eve Harrington.  Over the course of the year, the effect of Eve takes its toll on everyone, even if they can’t recognize what is going on.

The first thing that impressed me about this movie was the dialogue.  I always enjoy a movie with good dialogue.  Not just impressive lines, but the back and forth between the characters, the feeling that these aren’t just lines but an actual conversation.  Bad dialogue can ruin a movie for me.

Second, I liked the use of Hollywood within the film.  Hollywood is this looming threat for the New York Theater crowd, this place far off to the west where people go and never come back from, where money, not art, wins out.  ‘People seldom come back,’ one character says.  A place to be feared and respected.

As for the story, there is enough character drama for the movie to swirl around, giving a sense of the fears and aspirations of the character.  There were times I felt sorry for them, times I felt they brought it on themselves, times I wondered how they could be so blind.  Which just goes to show how great a movie this is.

I highly recommend seeing this one.  And keeping it.

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