Recipe: Cinnamon Apple Bread

20150531_150450This weekend I did manage to make Cinnamon Apple Bread.  I found a nice recipe that only required a few extra ingredients, so I could keep making such breads without undue purchases (except fruit and more butter than I’d otherwise use).

The recipe for Apple Bread was much like the recipe for Raisin bread I tried a few months ago.  Batter is made separately from the fruit.  Half the batter in the bread first, layer of apples, batter and apples.  It took much longer to bake than the recipe said (75 minutes to 50 from the recipe), which is either an effect of not having a stand mixer or having a inaccurate oven.  In any case, the bread was not burnt or inedible.  Indeed, it was quite delicious.

One thought on “Recipe: Cinnamon Apple Bread

  1. Elizabeth Nelson says:

    And for your thirteenth month challenge, you can make all 12 of your recipes in a gluten-free version! I love your culinary creativity, Sonshine.


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