Recipe: Salmon and Mushrooms

20150519_165840Today’s meal was pan cooked salmon with a side of mushrooms in a Teriyaki oil saute.

The mushrooms were easy.  I’ve done them before.  Though I have decided that next months I’m going to experiment with some sauces.

The salmon was a bit more difficult.  The fillet I got had scales on one side, which I wasn’t expecting (they came off after some frying).  It was also pretty thick, so by the time the middle was cooked the outsides were a bit crispy.  The fish flaked into slivers which I used to my advantage in cooking thoroughly.  The process (sprinkled with salt and peppercorns, pan coated in olive oil) worked, and the fish was good.  I think I will have to make sure to keep a steady supply of lemon juice around, as most fish recipes recommend it.

I’m still an amateur at fish, but I think I could get used to them.

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