Recipe: Pan-seared Catfish and Oven-roasted peppers

20150517_181742One of the fish I was curious to try this month was catfish.  I don’t remember having it before, and unlike most fish I know what it looks like.  So I tried to find up a recipe that didn’t require breading and frying.

The recipe was pretty simple: sprinkle salt, black pepper and thyme on the fish, sear it in a skillet of olive oil and butter, and douse in lemon juice.  I flipped the fish before I realized I did not have lemon juice and had to go without.  It was only a few minutes on each side.

It tasted okay.  One of those odd new tastes that I’ll have to get used to.  A few bites had strong concentrations of thyme.  At least I want to try making it again.  I have an image of a catfish in red-curry sauce with vegetables on a bed of rice.

As for the peppers, I’ve never tried roasting them before.  I’ve sauteed them but it never comes out very good, usually just ‘less crisp’ than raw.  So I roasted.  I had the green pepper (Saving the red for lunch tomorrow) and it came out soft and squishy.  It tasted fine, but unseasoned.  I’ll have to work on my peppers.

Catfish Recipe:

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