Recipes – Roasted Asparagus and Pan fried Tilapia

20150508_215848Friday night I went for two goals in one.

I picked up some asparagus from the store and drizzled it with olive oil and kosher salt.  Roasted in the oven for about thirty minutes, turning the stalks every five minutes or so.  I had some Parmesan on the side, just to try out.

Second, I picked up two pieces of tilapia.  These I cooked in a pan glazed in olive oil.  The fish I sprinkled with kosher salt and mixed peppercorn, flipping every few minutes to keep it from getting burned.

The result was very tasty, especially with the red wine.  I might have used too much salt on the tilapia, but it wasn’t enough to ruin the dish.  I just hope I find equally useful recipes for other types of fish.

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