April Review and May Goals

April was okay.  I thought they would mostly be failures, but I came out with five completed (book, cheesecake, vegetables, car repairs and ethnic foods), five started but not finished (acoustic, bass, blog, movies and Camp NaNoWriMo), and two not started (bread and Science Museum).  Not as bad as I feared, but I still felt I had to learn a few lessons as I prepare for May.

First off, I divided the goals into three categories:

  1. Goals that require one event to fulfill, such as baking a cheesecake.
  2. Goals that require several events to fulfill, such as trying three new foods
  3. Goals that require almost daily effort, such as practicing instruments.

For May, I selected four from each category, and planned out a schedule.  No day has me working on more than three goals, and some days of the week now have a significance as far as goals go: Sunday is now new recipe day, Monday is movies, Wednesday is blog article work.  Saturday is the go big one-time events.

The May 12 goals, are:

May 2015

  1. Hapsburg Exhibit at the Minnesota Institute of Art (tickets already purchased)
  2. Apple Cinnamon Bread
  3. Goat Cheese Cheesecake
  4. Host a Game Day
  5. Next Six Movies (The Best Years of Our Lives; Gentleman’s Agreement, Hamlet, All the King’s Men, All About Eve, An American in Paris)
  6. Vegetable: Asparagus
  7. Article
  8. Cook with Fish Three Times
  9. Acoustic Guitar: 10 times, fifteen minutes
  10. Bass Guitar: 10 times, fifteen minutes
  11. Book: The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway.
  12. Bike 126 miles during the course of the month (21 work days, 6 miles there, 6 miles back, means I only need to bike half of my commute to do this.  I could bike to work every morning and make the goal).

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