Recipe: Cauliflower Crust Pizza

I can’t remember where the idea for this came from. Maybe I came across it in a search for 20150424_222101recipes, or maybe someone recommended it to me.  I really can’t remember.  But I though the idea was cool.  A pizza crust made of vegetables and cheese.

Using the recipe of cauliflower and cheese, I went to work.  I made a double-sized batch.  I realized after the fact that I mixed up the sequence a bit (something to remember for next time) but I finished the crust, poured on the sauce and toppings, and made a pizza.

Was it a success?

The pizza is edible.  The crust is off, not firm like bread but spongy.  Much like when you’re eating cauliflower hot wings or carrot jam, it just doesn’t taste usual.  But I think it’s a good start.  I feel like playing around with this recipe a bit, see if I can’t get something a little closer to bread, or at least something I don’t need a fork to eat.  And I can experiment with pizza toppings as I go.

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