Best Picture: Going My Way

‘I’220px-GoingmywayBingm sure that the way to say what I’d like to say will occur to me after you’ve gone.’

-Father Fitzgibbons

The 1944 Best Picture winner is a movie about a young, progressive priest who comes to a failing New York church in an attempt to turn it around.  He has to deal with neighborhood youths, mortgages, and a cranky older priest who had built the church decades before.

I felt the movie was rushed.  So many moving parts that it was hard to give them all enough time to actually develop.  Add in a couple of songs from Bing Crosby and Rise Stevens, and you end up with too many over-simplified story lines that are resolved way too easily.

That isn’t to say I disliked the movie.  For one thing, Father Fitzgibbons is a fun character to watch.  Between his shuffling, the thick Irish brogue and his general demeanor, he really makes the movie for me.

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