Book: Ulysses

UlyssesCoverI am not sure why I chose this book for my February book.  I’d heard of it, but I didn’t know much about it.  Maybe I wanted to be intellectual?

First off, this book is long.  Much longer than I expected.  I hadn’t checked the length of the book prior to this; I won’t chose one without checking it from now on.  I labelled it as my book for two months to finish it, and even so I didn’t finish it until April.

For me, reading this book was like going to a Modern Art exhibit: I enjoyed parts of it, but most of it seemed to go over my head.

Joyce’s writing style has a touch of stream-of-consciousness, meaning any story is broken up by almost nonsensical ramblings.  There were plenty of parts I did like, discussions and observations that I was glad to have read.  But most of it, like I said, was over my head.

This particular edition I got for the Kindle did not have chapter breaks, which didn’t help me keep track of changes in the story, which changes very rapidly (and in some cases in extreme ways).  I was also amused that the book was censured in its time.  A prime example of the changing values of society.

Would I recommend it?  I don’t know.  I certainly would suggest someone read about it before they commit to reading the whole thing.

At least now I can finally read the latest Saxon Saga book to come out.

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