The April 12

Coming off a disappointing March, I mean to make a strong start to April.

  1. 10 Practice sessions on acoustic guitar (15 minute minimum)
  2. 10 Practice sessions on bass guitar (15 minutes minimum)
  3. Visit the Science Museum of Minnesota
  4. Read the book Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell
  5. Watch the next six Best Picture Winners
    1. Mrs. Miniver
    2. Casablanca
    3. Going my Way
    4. Lost Weekend
    5. Best Years of our Lives
    6. Gentleman’s Agreement
  6. Bake Apple Cinnamon Bread
  7. Cadbury Cream Egg Cheesecake
  8. Description Blog Article (To actually finish this one, I am devoting every Wednesday evening to this blog)
  9. Vegetables: Cauliflower (which I’ve eaten but never cooked with)
  10. Completed the Camp NaNoWriMo Challenge (50,000 word book in one month).
  11. Completed the three car repairs I’ve been putting off
    1. Replace hub cap
    2. Replace door handle
    3. Replace blower resistor motor
  12. Try three new ethnic restaurants.

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