March Goals in Review

March was not a good month for my 12 for 12 challenge.

Two Challenges completed:

Six Challenges started:

  • Finish Ulysses (93% of the way there)
  • Finish Revising my book (almost done, with a few ‘how did I miss that’ revisions to make)
  • Clean the Apartment (got all my laundry done, curtains up, dishes and major cleaning done, but not a full spring-clean)
  • Finish 3 Computer Games (finished two, Tomb Raider and Sniper Elite V2)
  • Best Pictures movies (two of six watched: Rebecca and How Green was my Valley
  • Vegetable: Cabbage (only did one recipe).

Four Challenges not-started

  • Acoustic guitar practice
  • Bass guitar practice
  • Description article for writing blog
  • Apple Cinnamon bread

Not every month gets to be amazing, and I got some decent headway into most of the unfinished goals.  But setting myself a lot of 15 minutes goals doesn’t seem to work for one reason: it is very easy to put off a 15 minute goal.

As I’m planning April’s 12 Challenges, I’m preparing a schedule that has fewer small goals.  I’ll spend one hour after work working on this goal or another.  But no more six goals a day that I can put off.  Two or three should be enough.

Several goals will be recycled.  I will finished Ulysses before starting the next book.  I continue cleaning and revising, but not as goals of this challenge.  And I mean to pick up the instruments more than once in a month.

Tomorrow, I start again.

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