The 12 for 12 Challenge

Like many people, I would start every year with a list of resolutions meant to change my life.  And, like many people, they were the same resolutions every year.  As 2014 drew to a close, I wondered how I might change it up, maybe, somehow, knock some resolutions off my list and get some of those ‘I should do this’ ideas into the ‘I did that!’ category.

The idea draws inspiration from a number of sources.  One friend’s blog, where he discusses a series of yearly challenges.  Articles on splitting larger goals into smaller chunks.  The acknowledgment that quantifiable goals are easier to meet than generalities.

The challenge is simple: Every month, I set myself 12 goals.  Nine of these goals are the same category each month. Three others are free goals that I can use to meet the flexibility of the year.

The nine categories for 2015 are:

  1. Practice on the Acoustic guitar
  2. Practice on the Bass guitar
  3. Write an article for my Writing blog
  4. Read a great book
  5. Watch some Best Picture winners
  6. Do something in the Twin Cities I have never done before
  7. Bake a new (for me) kind of bread
  8. Bake a new kind of cheesecake
  9. Learn to cook with a new recipe

Read along as I post the successes and failures of this venture.

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